Wednesday, 8 June 2016

To Be Less Than Superhuman

It has been a very long time since I have written for this blog. It wasn't something I had planned to do. It just happened. 
Suddenly I didn't feel like saying anything much. And for a time I wondered if it was the right thing to do, to just give it up, to take a break from here, or for how long.... 

In not doing something, I was in fact learning an important lesson. I was learning to let myself be human. To realize that I didn't need to do everything there was to be done in the whole wide world. To understand that the earth will keep spinning just fine even if I am not there to oil its wheels. To accept that sometimes, I can put myself first and that will be okay too! 

There are times when we just keep working ourselves into the ground trying to be there for everyone. 

It is a wonderful thing to be dependable, to not let people down, our families, friends, even strangers, and whoever else who might need a helping hand at a difficult time in their lives. But it is also important to understand that there is a difference between helping people and letting them sponge on you. 
The same is true for situations. 

Shedding is a beautiful gift that we can give to ourselves. 
Shedding all that is pulling us down, constricting our flow, 
and diverting us needlessly from our goals in life. 

We need to realize that at times, it isn't people or situations that depend on us. We become dependent on them to keep proving our worth to ourselves. They become our identity. We lose ourselves to become something that we are not. We try to fit our souls into a series of actions and call it ME. 

Well, that's not me. That's only something I can do. And if at times I am not doing everything that I can, all at once, I don't stop being me. 

Now, I consciously decide to just let myself be hang quietly in a void absorbing its peace until a scrap of wind whispers in my ear and I begin to dance once again, to my own tune this time, not to the tune of the expectations of the world. 

I learn to keep doing, without losing myself in the process. I learn that life is not about winning or losing. It is about letting some battles go unfought without losing sight of the war. It is about being a selfless giver who needs to be able to take with equal grace. 

It is about just being, without explanation and apology. 

Life is about living, and learning to be there for yourself too, all in the middle of the chaos of duties, responsibilities and expectations, 
without needing to feel inadequate. 

So I live! 

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Of Endings and New Beginnings

I love December. The winter is not so stiff yet, for one thing….so that’s a blessing! The year is drawing to a close. While some might feel sad for this, I think it is a reminder and for not looking too far back into the past. 

And then of course, there’s Christmas.

For me, it’s a time of reflection and rumination…A time to take stock of the year that was, and a time to plan for the year that will be.

Like each year, this one too has had many moments of happiness and many that bring tears. A lot was gained, some was lost. Some people made this world a better place to live in, and there were others who brought pain to many….

It is a time to count our blessings, and one by one, 
pin them up on our Christmas tree like so many little gifts, 
hanging on to each available space on every bough, 
fighting for place of pride at the top. 
It brings us face to face with all that we have really gained during the year.

If we really and truthfully pin up all our joys that were, I am sure every tree will be groaning under their weight and the tired sounds it will make will be as lovely a music to our ears as the jingling bells and the hymns floating on the winter nights!

It is also a time to get acquainted with all that we lost, 
all the sad moments too….
maybe we can collect them and put them down 
in a bag near the tree, ready to burn them in the log fire, 
give them up to the flames….
let them carry all the hurtful smoke away from our eyes, 
up the chimney, and beyond, into the hands of God.

Most of all, it is a time to look forward to the New Year, a time to happily anticipate all the blessings that it will ring in, the hopes that will turn to dreams and the dreams that will come true!

The paths of life are seldom smooth and straight, but then, the things that are worth having are never easy either. When the year is winding down to a close, it is, by the very essence of all endings, already sprouting a new beginning within.

A new number, 2016. 
Nothing much to look at- but it carries within a wealth of treasures. 
New rays of hope, new goals, 
new journeys that will take us to many new achievements, 
impossible dreams leading to endless possibilities, 
the fragrance of the coming spring, the warmth of the waiting summer, 
the musk of first rain in our breaths, 
stars shining in our eyes and love growing in our hearts…..

Yes. December is a great time. A time to get ready, poised for the flight into the future. A time for happiness. A time for bringing in peace and love. A time when tomorrow becomes today.

Hold your breath….The countdown has begun!

Saturday, 28 November 2015

The Eternal Flows Of Life

People may come, 
And people may go, 
But I go on forever..

That's our life, the river, that flows on, unaffected by the upheavals that occur in the landscape surrounding it. It goes along its meandering path, undeterred by the joys and sorrows that line its shores, always beautiful in its motion.

People are but the little pebbles that bounce about in its flow, the partners in its eternal journey for a short distance in time.

Each difficult moment of our life teaches us a lesson, and the sharp tongue and frivolous manner of the youthful flow is replaced by compassion and kindness that comes from experiencing the battles of existence. We become more tolerant, more adjusting and more mindful of others who share our space in the tranquil waters that we become.

As we go through our lives, all our energies concentrated only on our own desires and needs, we need to remember that all the so called treasures that we gather in our lives, our possessions and relationships, are transient. 
All that belongs to us today, belonged to someone else yesterday, and will belong to someone else after we are gone. Why, then, do we get so attached to all these things that are not ours at all!

We are the caretakers of time’s treasures, just meant to keep them safe till someone else assumes our role in life. All that we take with us, at the end of our journey is the blessings of those whose lives we touch with our hearts.

Our possessions will pass on, our relationships will cease to exist. That’s the way of the world. The only thing that will live on is the place we occupy in the hearts of others. These memories will be our legacy that we will pass on to our next generation, to learn from, to remember us by. 

Let us then spend our lives making beautiful memories, giving a little bit of our soul to those who are ready to receive, with open arms, the treasures of love and caring.

Let us be like the river, and keep flowing, not concerned by those who line our shores, in praise or in censure, but only concerned by those who flow along with us, partners in our journey, for as long or as short a time ordained for us.

Let us keep giving our treasures, for we are the river of life….not here to take, but to give of our elixir to those who care to drink from our purity of thought….to be someone’s shore till eternity ends and life begins once again….let us go on and on and on… 

Thursday, 15 October 2015

The Speck That Matters

“We dig holes for ourselves, of comfortable living, and it’s hard to see just how deep down you are until you suddenly want to take a look at the world up there, some fresh air and realise you can’t get up. You’re too far down.” 
― Charlotte Eriksson

Haven’t we all have had days when we want something, knowing fully well we can’t have it? Our heart is ready to burst. We feel a deep breath will just be the last drop of air that will weigh more than what we can carry....and we burst open, shattering into a million pieces....the problem is, we don’t even care.

A bottomless abyss. We drown in a dry hole created by the world that sucked all the life out of us. Looking for toeholds...something that can help us out, not really expecting to find any. Not wanting to. We begin to make the dry hole our grave....waiting to perish in hopeless resignation.

Is that what we were born for? 
Is that all we can hope for from our lives? 
Is that what we should become....a blank page....a void....
a nothing.....just a tiny speck in the universe....a speck without significance! The world won’t stop if it weren’t there. The world wouldn’t even notice if it’s gone.

Nobody cares. Everyone will tell us what we should be ready to die for. Does anyone tell us what we should live for? Does anyone want us to live anymore?

Lives are cheap. Hearts and souls even cheaper. They don’t even rate the dirt they were grown in.

But there’s something that keeps pricking at me at the most inopportune of times. Something that doesn’t let me sleep. Something that doesn’t let my life seep out of me without a fight. Something that says, “you are not yesterday’s newspaper whose destiny is to be tossed aside at the end of the day.”

Even when hope looks like the saddest feeling in the world, even when luck seems to belong to everyone else except me, there’s a spark that refuses to die down. A hole in the wall tirelessly tries to bring in the light to crack the darkness open. A crack under the door stealthily lets in a breath of fresh air, just to remind me that there’s another world that exists. Another place where I might not be a somebody, but I need not be a nobody either.

So I look up, and I see that the empty space is full of stars. 
Stars that are burning up, but still ecstatically shining. 
Standing alone but majestically so.
They beckon me. They make me realise that I was not made to crawl in the dust. If I do get buried in the dust of hypocritical expectations, I will use that to sprout and grow my leaves.

I may be a tiny speck, but I have the potential to ruin your perfect picture. You may not see reasons for me to live, but I do not see reasons to dissolve away to fuel your comfort.

I am a tiny cog in the well oiled world of God. Maybe the tiniest, most insignificant looking one. Still, if I refuse to play along, your well oiled machine will stop. I am not irreplaceable. However, I am not useless either.
I begin to smile, just a little crooked curving of lips, but enough to break the bonds of hopelessness.

I bury my head in my pillow, drawing comfort from the thought that tomorrow is a new day, 
a blank note waiting for my pen to draw my unique squiggles, 
for my imagination to breathe life into them, 
for my soul to sing them a song  , 
for my words to create for them a new world.....

My world. Where I reign. I where I walk on fairydust to paint stars in my sky and put a smile on the face of the moon. Where flowers nod at me and bees roll their eyes till I laugh at their antics. Where I am Cinderella and Alice and Noah all rolled into one.

No. I am not going to go down without a fight. 
I am not going to go down at all. Why should I? 
I rise. 
Like a plume of smoke, that cannot be pulled down. 
Like the light that cannot be slowed down. 
Like the sound that can be bent, not broken. 
Like the water that will flow endlessly 
and erode mountains and carve gorges into plains.

I am.
And that’s enough for me.

I will always be. That is my destiny.....and nothing can stop me. Nothing.

I will always be... 

Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Lamps Who Lit My Fire

Once a teacher, Forever a teacher.

The words ring so true when I think of the two people who have been great influences in my life, because of whom I have become who I am today. My role models, though I never knew I was trying to emulate them, were two of my high school teachers. 

I refrain from naming them because I don't wish to infringe on their privacy, nor mine, but if I could, I would write their names in a Hall of Fame where the world would see. Whatever I say for them will never be enough to describe what they gave of themselves to hundreds of students like me who came under their tutelage. 

At the time when I was a student, it never even crossed my mind that I am spending my formative years with two people whose memory I would cherish 25 years from now. I don't remember much of what they taught me about their subjects. Whatever it was, was internalized and got merged with all the other bits of knowledge because there are no boundaries in the mind, just a continuum of a pile of information that I sift through when I need it. But it is what they taught me about life that will stay with me forever.

I owe my love for writing to my English teacher. Even the very fact that I write at all is because she saw and nurtured a talent in me that I wouldn't have dreamed I ever had. She was always perfectly groomed, strict in the class and always demanded impeccable work but I loved her. She would call me her little poetess and I would will my words to flow, just to remain true to her vision, even if my muse was off on a vacation. Little did I know that she was instilling in me something that would carry me through thick and thin, even become the very reason for my sanity at a point in life when everything seemed pointless. 

If anybody cares to read what I write, it is because of that lovely lady who will always have a special place in my heart. 

My chemistry teacher was an entirely different person. I came into contact with him because I already loved science. His passion for his subject, and for life in general, just got transferred to us. He is a person who never taught you anything, he talked to you and you just learned. 

Sometimes you don't need to do anything. You just need to be. 

And that's what he did. He was a role model. He was a liquid that flowed your way, that you absorbed like a sponge, effortlessly, as if it was the most natural thing on earth. 

During the time I met them everyday, I never gave them a second thought, apart from saying they were my favourite teachers, if someone asked me. Like all adolescents I was too full of my own importance to realize that after half my life is spent, I would still remember these two people, remember what their presence in my life meant for me. 

I didn't know that in my quiet moments, I would still be able to hear their voices talking to me. I didn't know that that they would be the subjects of the stories that I would tell my own adolescent children and hope that some of their magic would rub off on my kids too. I didn't know that even their memories would be teaching me the things I needed to learn during many difficult times in my life. And I didn't know that I would wait for years, maybe forever, to say "thank you for being who you are". 

However, I do know that if I got such a chance today, my words would fail me. Probably my voice would fail me too. Sometimes thank you is simply not enough. I just try to be what they would expect me to be. I just try to give of myself in any way I can, so that they would be proud to have had me for a student, if they ever met me again. And I know they would love the fact that I became a teacher and tried to be a light for not only my students, but for anyone who might need it.

God doesn't make such people any more. He made them once and threw the mold away. I was truly very lucky to have them in my life and I use this this opportunity to thank God for sending these angels into my life!

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Subtract - Make Your Life Beautiful

Memories lay still on the couch of my soul, of days when life was like a leisurely walk through the woods, sunbeams intermittently touching my face with their joys, bird-songs, the background music to my story, unfolding its long slinky limbs, waking up slowly to the wonders of everyday living. 

These days I think of life as a rickety wagon, so brimming with odds and ends, that it is ready to topple over itself in its haste to reach nowhere fast, skidding along, just avoiding being derailed at every turn by the breadth of a whisker. 

Can this be righted? Can the wagon slow down some, without upsetting the timetable of needs and wants.... Can the brain-clutter be rearranged to make space for some more clippings and trimmings..... 

Introspections. Contemplations. Reflections. 
Another day decorated with Question marks. 
But I want my day to have some commas and full stops. A few dashes while I pause. 
But most of all, I want to create space for a lot of exclamation marks that will lie scattered around the landscape of skid marks and extra spaces. 

Can I do it? 
It is my friend's words on his post that gave me my answer. 
And so can you. And everyone else who cares to. 

The answer is simple really. So simple that we don't see it even when it is sitting right in the middle of our tracks, waving frantically to catch our eye. We refuse to give it any credence, because we don't think that it is right, simply because it is there, sitting in front of us, like a child, mouth agape in wonder at our immense stupidity and infinite selective blindness. 

The solution is elementary. STOP. 

Stop overloading your wagon with more questions. Stop riffling through the already unsteady pile of non- essentials for that one elusive gemstone of an answer that will overturn your life.  
Just stop adding.  

Instead, it might be a lot easier to start subtracting instead

Subtract a little from the speed at which you are hurtling like a rocket from space, ready to go up in flames at the first caress of an atom of air. Float in instead, like a feather, held tenderly on the tiniest of breezes, swaying to the tunes of joyful tinkles that abound in the quiet recesses of the universe. 

Subtract the questions from your wagon. Give up some of them to the sky, the wind, the sea. You don't need all of them answered anyway. Not now. Not today. Not any day. They are simply not the props holding you up. They are rather the tethers that are tying you down, preventing you from flying up into the winds.... 

Subtract a lot of wayfarers too, those who are holding you up by cluttering up your path with their confusing flags of red and green. You don't need every man and his cousin to tell you the way. Just give your soul a chance to lead. 

Throw out all the broken pieces of yesterdays and day-befores that you have been carrying before your spine threatens to snap into two. You don't need used bricks to build your new house. It is bad vastu.

Give up on the bottled up grudges and the emotions that are blocking space in the wagon. If you haven't used them up in years, you won't miss them when they're gone. They are making you use up extra fuel needlessly. Junk them.

Subtract all the flag bearers and the direction givers who are trying to become the pilots by usurping your position. Protest. Its your wagon. You are the boss here. You show the way. 

Give space to those who decorate your beautiful train with their rainbow colours. Just offload the rest on the next station. They can find their own train to delay. Take your train out of their ambit of influence.

Do remember seeing toddlers sitting with their tub of toys, just throwing out each one of them abandonly, laughing and gurgling, until they have their favourite in their hand....and they just walk away with it! They seem to have more sense than us at times. Try chucking the extraneous out of your life. It can be a lot of healing fun for the heart. A balm for the soul. A massage for the shoulders tired of carrying burdens that no one needs. 

And when you have finished with the subtracting, you will realize that all the answers you were frantically searching for are already there, sitting on their allotted seats. You are able to see them now that you have removed all the junk that was blocking your vision. 

The tiny dust fairies will once again dance in your sunbeams that have free passage through the windows of your de-cluttered soul. 

And you will find a lot of empty seats in your wagon too, anxiously waiting to be filled-by some new answers that have been patiently awaiting their turn, by a lot of exclamation marks that bring sparkles of laughter to your eyes, and by dreams that float in on snowy clouds of joy, carrying you riding them like a sprite, hair streaming, eyes gleaming, into the world of stars where life is an endless stream of light showing up beautifully against the navy skies....your world....just waiting... 

Entrez, s'il vous plait! 

Thank you Evan Griffith for your post that was my inspiration.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

My Tryst With Today

Yesterday:   The fairy tale that happened. The best days of your life can be found                        here.
Tomorrow:  The land of dreams where most of what we are capable of resides.
Today:         Well, who cares about today when we have the luxury of lamenting                           the passing away of yesterday and waiting for tomorrow to begin                             our life!

If we care to have an honest moment with our soul, we will realize that we too have been guilty of living in yesterdays and tomorrows at some point in our crazy and eventful lives. Because it’s easier. Because at times it’s fun too. Because we are not forced to make the decisions that we would rather not. Because we just want to be plain lazy. And because we are geniuses when it comes to making excuses for ourselves!

Umpteen reasons can be cooked up, but do we realize that we are missing out on the only moments that life has given us? The moments that are now? At least until a working time machine is built, that’s how it is.

Now is the only reality that we have. The only tangible scrap of time that we can hold. Yesterday is a story that was. We can never go back to it. Tomorrow is a myth. We don’t know if there is a tomorrow meant to happen. We don’t know how that tomorrow will dawn, if it does.

But Today, Now, they are special moments. I hold them precious and dear to me. It is this moment that gives me my dreams and hopes. It’s in this moment that I create my fairy tales. It is Now that will soon become yesterday. And it is tomorrow that will be Now when I finally get to live it.

I use my Now to make cherished memories. Memories that will light up every yesterday when I look at them in retrospect. Memories that will bring sweet and mysterious smiles to my lips. Memories that will light up my eyes with their mischief.

And I use Now to get ready for Tomorrow when it comes, like a much awaited person who will be entering my life for the first time. So I try to do all that needs to be done Today, and save my free moments to enjoy whatever tomorrow might bring. I plan, I save, I dream of a tomorrow but I do all this today. Because Tomorrow is nothing but Today soon to arrive.

So here I am, living up my Todays, squeezing all I can into them, even if that means using up all my breaths at once, because Today is all that I have. But I know, that if I live it right, Today is all that I need to create enchanting yesterdays and inspired tomorrows.

Tomorrow is a promise, and I tell tomorrow, 
“Wait in anticipation for me, and I will come to you 
just as soon as I finish my tryst with Today!”

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Sounds Of Silence

Today seems to be a day for silences. Some, of the companionable, genial kind, that keep me at peace with myself. Others of the pondering kind, that make me question the very substance of life.

The day began with a deep silence that reached into my soul….looking but not finding yet. In these times, the days begin early. Or shall I say late? They don’t begin when we wake up to mellifluous dawns. They begin before we sleep, because it is way past midnight and date change already.

So it is, that I started my day, and slept on a pondering silence. 
And I woke up to a practical silence- The Sunday Silence. 
Silence on the road because most people are not going out. Not early in the morning anyways. Silence in the house because no one is planning to wake up any time soon. No WhatsApp notifications popping up relentlessly. A quiet google+. 
A conducive to writing kind of silence.

So I begin to write about the silence in my heart, until it was broken by the sound of the newspaper being delivered. And then the quiet, with only the rustling of the crisp sheets of my pile of four different tabloids which I never go through because I don’t have that much spare time. But I like the variety and the freedom to choose what I want to read everyday.

And to continue my theme for a soundless day, the first article to catch my eye was again..... about silence. A very different kind of silence that made my brain do an about turn on its heels and look at it in a very different light.

I love silence. Specially the silence between two people comfortable in their silent communication. I love the pondering silence too. It connects me to myself. It helps me to hear my dreams.  And the happy silence. And at times the sad silence too. But today, I found another zingy, crazy silence to add to my basket of quiet moments.

The silence of the psychedelic trance!

The article was about silent discos. What is a disco without music to burst your insides out into your glasses of your chosen poison!

But I am caught on this silence. Totally. Absolutely. 
Intriuged beyond comprehension.

The trend started in Europe and has been a big hit at music festivals. It is catching on in all parts of the world because it can circumvent the curfew hours, and provide an opportunity for conversation to those who want to get away from music, or get nearer to each other, and it can let you choose your music to suit your moment.

It is being called ethical clubbing. Ethical Clubbing???  I wonder what is ethical about dancing away the night in silence. Or unethical.

I am totally sold on the idea of a luxurious lounge with a cosmic quietude pervading the atmosphere and the sight of people dancing away to the sound of silence, as if in a trance. It has the potential to carry you into another world of psychic influences that blast your brain away from the mundane into a realm of unreal reality.

But there is a catch. Like there always is. I have to find a silent disco first. And then I have to become the kind of person who would want to share my precious silence with a crowd. The second is rather a kind of impossibility. Or a possible impossibility because I think nothing is impossible. But this I am not ready to do. A disco, ethical or unethical, does not gel with me. Or maybe only very rarely.

Anyway, like all kinds of catches, this one also has a solution. I draw the curtains, switch on the mammoth widescreen that I normally go past unseeingly all day as if it did not exist. A DVD of funky dance music videos. Blare on the stereo sounds. Get the headphones. And now it’s up to me to put on my dancing shoes, or junk the headphones and sprawl on the couch watching the dance in a trance while I dive deep into myself and look for all my answers without giving up my precious solitude or needing to go out at any time of the day or night…

What an interesting new take on silence! Sometimes it takes just one to tango…..

Monday, 29 June 2015

Give Me A Moment More....

Time flies by on restless pinions.....Never stopping. Not for a moment. Not for anyone.

The only constant about time is change. 
It moves like lightning for those who make things happen. 
It crawls on all fours for those who wait for things to happen. 
But change it does. Steadily. Surely. Inevitably.

There was a time when nature was the most accurate timekeeper. Now our atomic clocks are giving tough competition to the overworked earth, so tired of hauling our atrocities around, that it is lagging behind. So much so that we are forced to add leap seconds to our atomic clocks to maintain congruency with its rotation.

In your race against time, take some time out from the running. Pause. Ponder. Contemplate for a moment, what time means to you. Reflect on the value of that leap second that will soon be just another bit of history, to be brought out of the record books at the time of the next addition.

Does time mean the moving hands of a clock to you? An indication of the slots that you have divided your life into, for easier management?
Does time mean another deadline that must be met even at the cost of living?
Does time mean the past that you cannot change, the future that you cannot predict?

Doesn't it mean a present that you can never relive, if you miss out on it now?
Doesn't it mean the breaths you take that bring you closer to your dreams?
Doesn't it mean the space that is your journey, and your destination in the overcrowded concourse of life?

I choose to live my life not in years or days or hours but in those tiny glorious moments that are grand beyond compare.

Do you remember the happiest or saddest day of your life? All 24 hours of it? Or even just 8? Probably not, because a moment is always the time in which things happen.

Moments are our only memories. 
We live in moments that get collected into a beautiful bouquet called the day. 
Moments are what we can catch and hold in the palm of our life.

Never underestimate the immense power of the moment. It can make you or break you. In a moment, you can move from second place to be a winner. In a moment, a beautiful new life takes its first wondrous breath, and in a moment the light goes out of another life. It takes a moment to break a heart and a moment to win a heart over forever. A moment is the only reality. The only time you have, to live, to make a difference, to create memories that stay with you for a lifetime.

No moment is insignificant. You never know which moment will become the game changer in your situation. Be prepared to treat each moment as the most exquisite gift you will ever be given. Let every moment be the moment of your truth.

Think of how you want to use the extra moment being given to you, I think I will use this moment to add a smile to someone's day. I hope I can use all my moments to make a difference, to create a tiny spark in someone's life, a spark that will become a roaring fire and will transform a life forever.

Give me a moment more.... 

Monday, 15 June 2015

This Too Shall Pass....

Today I am having a hard day. 

The tough, nothing is wrong but nothing is right either kind of day.
The kind of day when you are rebelling against yourself. Your insides are straining to escape and explode and break out of the mold that is your outside. The kind of day when you want to do something, but the definition of that something escapes you. The day when you can’t sit still and not do anything either.

A bee in the bonnet kind of day.
Only there are no bees around and nobody wears a bonnet anymore.

We all hate such days. It is natural to feel that such days cannot be lived. They can only be endured. So what do you do to set yourself back on the sane plane?

The best way to get over them is to tip yourself over or under. Either get your hands so busy that they don’t give you time to think, or be totally still and silent and let the day wash over you. Because the day will end, sooner or later, whether your crisis tug of war between your inside and outside is resolved or not.

On such days, or in fact, on any of my crisis days, I always remind myself of a fable that is a lesson in perseverance and humility-

King Akbar was fortunate to have a very wise courtier, Birbal, 
who it is said, had a solution to every problem. One day the king, wanting to stump him, asked him to find a single sentence that would make a sad man happy and a happy man sad.
Birbal simply replied, “This too shall pass…”

And his reply has become a mantra of life for innumerable people over countless generations, lands and years. And for every day, whether a crisis day or a day of successful endeavors, this has become my favourite thought.

When things are going wrong, we must remember, that nothing is permanent. Not us, or this world, or the situations we are in. Every storm must end. Every flood must recede.  What begins has to end. What ends, will always begin again in another form and another space.

If we can just manage to keep putting one foot in front of the other, however slowly, we would soon be able to walk out of our dilemmas , into a new state of peace and tranquility. Into a sense of freedom, of  confidence in our abilities, and faith in our destinies.

But does that mean that we should also remember this on happy days and coerce ourselves into becoming sad, because the things that bring us joy will not last either?
No. A Very Vehement No.

This manner of interpretation is for the simpleton. And that, I am sure, is what none of us would describe ourselves as. This is like cooking a hearty meal and not eating it just so you can always have it!

Happiness makes us happy only when it is experienced, shared and enjoyed. When it is absorbed totally into our core and then exuded slowly, like little molecules of fragrance that permeate the whole atmosphere with our exuberance. When it becomes our coat of arms that sticks to us long past its manufacturing date, and becomes our shield against future troubles, that do not impact us so hard, because we have our armor on.

So what do we do with this mantra on our good days?

We make sure it reminds us that our success can be as short lived as our crisis. We make sure that we do not rest on our laurels, and continue to work even harder, to ensure that success will be our friend for a long time. We ensure that we remain humble in our times of fortuity and remember where we came from. We stretch our hands, not to grab good fortune, but to help those who need a hand out of their crisis, and point them on the way to success.

I use this mantra to keep myself in a state of equilibrium, when the amplitude of my waves threatens to take me up and down in a wild roller-coaster ride. I use it to remember, that whichever way it goes, the pendulum must pass through the middle again, and again, and again…..

But the pendulum never stops there. It moves on again, on its journey, either up, or down, just like life. And life goes on….each moment melting into the next…..until that too shall pass…..